Are you a Virtual Assistant?

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— The world’s first smart & fully illuminated bags


We’re Funkelfetisch: a small, bootstrapped startup from Berlin. Our love for tech, gadgets and parties led us down a funny old rabbit hole…

Totems are amazing. They identify your crew and make sure you find your friends at the wildest festival. They’re also difficult to make and heavy to carry. To solve this problem, we invented the Funkelbag — an illuminated drawstring backpack.

Two years later, and we’ve been featured on TV and in several magazines, were funded by a successful kickstarter campaign, and sold out of BOTH iterations of the Funkelbag.

The two models are still going strong, and so are we.

What started out as a fun side project has grown to a stage where we need help.

Our newest creation, the NEBULITE COLLECTION, now also includes a fanny pack. Made with wondrous fibre optic fabric, both are fully illuminated, inside and out.

To top off this intergalactic fashion statement, the bags are stuffed with wearable tech (such as bicycle features and beat detection) that you can control with an app.

Needless to say, the current Kickstarter campaign to fund this baby went through the roof. We were fully funded in less than 22 hours, and we are still going strong for another month.

That’s where you come in. There’s only two of us, and we simply can’t keep up the pace without you. Your reliability and skills will be the source of incredible relief.

We mainly need someone to keep the admin in check, as well as research influencers, compile contact lists, analyse some marketing stats, and shoot out the occasional post or email.

Sound like you?

Please be aware that we’re looking for an experienced assistant — We’ve tried working with beginners who wanted to learn and we applaud the eagerness, but we are on a tight schedule and can only consider you if you can deliver.

Still on board? Awesome!

Here are the bullet points.

What we need:

  • We need you to research press contacts and influencers, reach out to them and nurture a relationship.
  • We need you to monitor our Facebook ad account and make adjustments if necessary.
  • We need you to write the occasional update by email and on Facebook/Instagram.
  • Our main channel is Instagram, so you’ll need to know your way around the business side of it, and assist us with scheduling, posting, and analysing our marketing efforts.
  • German is a plus.

What we offer:

  • Fair compensation (we know what your time is worth)
  • A relaxed and fun working atmosphere with highly skilled and awesome people
  • Remote working
  • An exciting product with a lot of traction — and we’re only getting started!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please send your application to

Good luck!

Your Nebulite-Team