SMART Controller Apps

Hi and welcome to the Smart controller support pages.

Since both apps and the firmware are still under active development, the installation is slightly less easy than going to the respective store and installing it.

Since version 0.3.0, there is a new bootloader that needs to be updated before you can update the actual firmware.

The easiest way to do that is from an Android phone, or iPhone up to 6s.

All newer iPhones than 6s CAN NOT update the firmware or bootloader while the old, buggy bootloader is still installed!

How to update the bootloader (only if you don't have an Android or old iPhone!)
  1. Download the NEBULITE_Bootloader_Flasher
  2. Unpack it
  3. Open up the bottom of the bag, look for a USB plug in a USB socket and unplug it
  4. Remove the controller from the bag and open up the lid
  5. hold the tiny button on the controller and plug the USB cable into your computer or Mac!
  6. The controller should light up green!
  7. Double-Click “update_bootloader.command” for OS X, or “update_bootloader.bat” for Windows
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions
Download nebulite-0.2.5.apk
Instructions (click to expand)
  1. Please enable “Installation from unknown sources” or similar in your settings.
  2. Download the file with the link above.
  3. Install and start the app.
  4. It will ask for GPS (Location) permissions, this is normal:
    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), specifically the active scan for devices could be used to triangulate the phone, for example inside a mall. For this reason, it’s in this permission category.
  5. The rest should be pretty self-explanatory, just play around with it!
  • Do not cancel the firmware upgrade, just put the phone down and wait for a few minutes.
  • There’s currently no persistent storage implemented, so the NEBULITE product will reset to default once you disconnect the powerbank.


2019-11-24: Version 0.2.5

This is another stability update. Hopefully fixes issues with newer Samsung Galaxy devices and with the Fanny Pack

You only need to update if you are having problems.

Download: NEBULITE-0.2.5.apk


  • All permissions are requested explicitly at startup and each scan, and not implicitly by the BLE plugin. This will hopefully fix the problems with the most recent Samsung phones.
  • Fixed bug in firmware affecting the Fanny Pack only
  • Real error messages during firmware update, won’t get stuck at 0% again.

There are still several smartphones where the update just won’t work – I’m kinda out of options here since I’m limited by the Firmware update feature of the Cordova BLE library (or rather a fork there of).

If any of you have experience in this matter, please feel free to contact me!

2019-11-20: Version 0.2.4

This is a stability update. Almost no new features, but should work better on more devices.

Download: NEBULITE-0.2.4.apk


  • Found a better version of the BLE plugin, this will hopefully fix all issues with previously unsupported devices.
  • The app now tries to increase the MTU to 512byte. Less messages per update -> less problems + much quicker!
  • Added Logs! This will help debugging 🙂
  • Added detection and popup for disabled Bluetooth and Location Services. The detection whether or not the user has granted the permissions always returned false negatives, so I had to disable them :/.
  • Added OFF mode:


2019-11-13: Version 0.2.3

Download: NEBULITE-0.2.3.apk


  • Greatly improved firmware update reliability. Customers on v0.2.1 / v0.2.2 may need to do the Fall-Back method one last time, though :/
  • Fixed update progress bar
  • The El-Wire automatically shuts off if the bag isn’t moved for 5 seconds.
    This is to conserve the brightness of the wire as long as possible. The phosphorus in the El-wire degrades over time, so I thought it would be better to limit the usage to times where the bag is actually worn
  • Fixed non-working background service
  • Replaced the pretty JQuery colorwheel with a slightly less pretty angularJS one, making it waaaay more stable. Needs a little long to render, maybe something for the next release.
  • Amount of color pickers now corresponds to the amount of colors in the chosen animation. some have 0, don’t be alarmed if there’s no color picker at all.
  • Added brightness and speed sliders
  • Fixed bicycle mode (thresshold was too high)
  • Added configuration options for Bicycle Brake Detection (threshold and sample count) to Settings
  • Added debug mode (will send Firmware update logs to me)
2019-11-09: Version 0.2.2

this should help with app closing before the upgrade finished!

NEBULITE Smart App, Version 0.2.2

2019-11-08: Version 0.2.1

I’m having some technical difficulties uploading it to Google Play Store, but I hope to be able to sort this out in tomorrow.

You can download the APK file here!

NEBULITE Smart App, Version 0.2.1 (first release!)

Add NEbulite to apple Testflight
Instructions (click to expand)

The app is still in beta state, so you need to install “TestFlight” first:

  1. Install TestFlight from the App Store
  2. Click this link to join the test:
  3. Install NEBULITE Smart by clicking “Install”


  • The rest should be pretty self-explanatory, just play around with it!


2020-01-27: Version 0.2.9

First stable iOS release!

The firmware update compatibility:

Tested – Works:

  • iPhone 6s

Tested – WONT WORK:

  • XS Max


Yes, that’s a tiny list. Please hit me up on Telegram (@Veitos) or eMail or use the REPORT feature of TestFlight and tell me if the update worked for you.

If the update fails, you can easily recover using the Fall-Back methods below.

Troubleshooting the firmware update

Fall-Back Method

If the Bluetooth update went wrong, the application running on the smart controller may be damaged.

You can recover from this state easily:

  1. Download this file: NEBULITE-0.2.5.uf2
  2. open up the bottom of the bag
  3. unplug the Smart controller from the Y-Cable
  4. plug the USB cable into a computer
  5. copy the file to the virtual mass storage device “NEBULITE-BL”

done 🙂 – it will automatically use the file as new firmware


Fall-Back-Fall-Back Method (if the other doesn't work)

If you tried the method above, but your PC/Mac can’t find the USB drive, you can force the controller into the necessary mode by holding a button.

This how-to is almost the same as above, but number 4 & 5 are new!

  1. Download this file: NEBULITE-0.2.5.uf2
  2. open up the bottom of the bag
  3. unplug the Smart controller from the Y-Cable
  4. open up the lid of the controller
  5. press and hold the tiny button on the controller:
  6. plug the USB cable into a computer
  7. copy the file to the virtual mass storage device “NEBULITE-BL”

done 🙂 – it will automatically use the file as new firmware