Smart bag receives more than 10,000 Euro in funding in less than 22 hours

Berlin, 12 February 2019: In less than 22 hours, the start-up ‘Funkelfetisch’ collected over 10,000 Euro in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The funds will produce the new NEBULITE COLLECTION: an extraordinary drawstring bag and fanny pack that are fully illuminated by fibre optic fabric and electroluminescent straps.

Comprehensive technical features and sensors make them some of the most intelligent bags in the world.

Whoever wears a NEBULITE bag is guaranteed to stand out in the crowd. Veit Nachtmann, the founder of the brand Funkelfetisch, came up with the idea when he couldn’t find his friends at a festival at night. After more than two years of tinkering, precise handywork, and three predecessor generations called ‘Funkelbags’, he now presents the NEBULITE COLLECTION.

The popularity of the product was evident in the first hours of the crowdfunding campaign when fans of the Funkelfetisch project stormed the Kickstarter platform and the funding goal of the 30-day campaign was reached in under a day.

At the day of writing, 14 days remain in the campaign. The current financing status is more than 30,000 Euro. According to conservative estimates, this amount will triple. The additional funds will be used to finance the so-called Smart Controller, which brings the bags to life.

The NEBULITE COLLECTION combines novelties such as an integrated acceleration sensor that adapts the colours and animation of the bag to the dancing movements of the person wearing it. It also provides a theft alarm and a bicycle mode that lights up the bags red when the rider brakes abruptly. A rocker switch on the bicycle handlebar sets the turn indicator via Bluetooth. Like everything else on the bag, the interior lighting can be personalised by smartphone.

These active innovations make the brand Funkelfetisch one of the few pioneers in the field of functional and aesthetic fashion.




Proprietor: Veit Nachtmann

Martin-Luther-Str. 120

10825 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 68917105